Free Hotel Cascada Waterpark

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If you don’t already love Jackie, Tony, and Donnie (we do!) then you’ve got to love them for their Free Summer Fun Roadshow which gives you the chance to frolic in the Hotel Cascada Waterpark for free on Monday.

This fun free morning at the Hotel Cascada Waterpark is courtesy of our friends Jackie, Tony & Donnie in the Morning at 100.3 The Peak.  Just turn up to get free admission to the Hotel Cascada Waterpark on Monday July 14, 2014, from 6 am to 9:45 am, while Jackie, Tony & Donnie are broadcasting at the Albuquerque waterpark.
To get the maximum splash from the freebie, you need to dive in at the right time. Here’s how it works. There will be two sessions of swimming time at the Hotel Cascada waterpark. They have a limit of 600 people each time. (Hey, the waterpark is big but we’re not talking about the Pacific Ocean here! Space is limited.)
The session times are:
  • First session: 6am – 7:45 am
  • Second session: 8am -9:45 am

If you turn up in the middle of a session, you’ll still have to leave at the end time so the next group can come in. Logic tells me, Spock, that you get the best value and the most free fun if you arrive early for the 6 am or 8 am sessions. (Also, it gives you a better chance of getting in before they are full.)

Cool off and celebrate the free admission to the Hotel Cascada Waterpark.  With Jackie, Tony & Donnie you know you are always guaranteed a great time anyway!

Albuquerque’s Hotel Cascada Waterpark is located at 2500 Carlisle Boulevard NE.