Albuquerque Free Swim Passes Summer 2013

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Free swim passes are available for kids and youth for summer 2013.

The Albuquerque free swim passes are available for youngsters aged 17 and under, courtesy of the Ditch & Water Safety Task Force. The freebie is part of their Ditches Are Deadly program to remind kids that it’s very dangerous to swim in ditches and arroyos. The program encourages children and youth to enjoy themselves safely in swimming pools that were designed for the purpose!  Note that it’s not safe to play or skateboard in dry arroyos either, even in a dry summer or when we’re not in full monsoon season yet. The ditches can *seem* dry but can still be subject to flash floods.

The free swim passes are valid for one-day, one-time use, and may be used at all City of Albuquerque swimming pools and Bernalillo County pools until September 1, 2013.

The organizer usually gives out 80,000 – 100,000 free swim passes a year.  That’s a lot of splashy free fun!

The Ditches are Deadly website shows where you can pick up the free swim pass with links to specific locations, and the City of Albuquerque Fire Department website gives additional information. Passes are available while supplies last, and locations include:

  • Albuquerque Police Department substations
  • Albuquerque Fire Department
  • Albuquerque City Pools
  • Bernalillo County Fire Department
  • Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department substations
  • KOB TV Studios
  • Mechanical Concepts, Ltd. Co

Please swim safely and enjoy your local pools this summer!



Cliff’s Amusement Park: Dads Ride Free Father’s Day Promo

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Dads ride free in this Cliff’s Amusement Park Father’s Day 2013 special – save $29.95 and ride free all day!

Woo-hoo for Cliff’s Amusement Park and their Father’s Day 2013 promotion which gives the rest of the family an opportunity to treat dad to a day out on the cheap. Dads ride free at Cliff’s Amusement Park all day on Father’s Day, June 16, 2013, with a free Splash and Ride Pass for unlimited rides (worth $29.95) when accompanied by a paying child.

That means dad can indulge his inner thrill-seeker and hit the rides – the New Mexico Rattler (voted one of the Top 25 wooden roller coasters in the world), the Cliff Hanger, the Super Fire Ball, the SideWinder… take your pick with the Father’s Day freebie.  No coupons are necessary, just take your kid(s) and go!

According to the Cliff’s Amusement Park ticket info,  a $29.95 Splash and Ride Pass includes general admission, unlimited rides and a Watermania! Pass for unlimited water play all day.

The dads ride free deal is only available on Sunday June 16, 2013. For all the info check out the Cliff’s Father’s Day deal at this link on Cliff’s website.

Cliff’s Amusement Park is located at 4800 Osuna Rd NE.



Albuquerque Free Lunch for Kids Program

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The City of Albuquerque’s Summer Lunch Program dishes up free lunch for kids (and sometimes breakfast too) for youngsters aged 1 to 18 this summer 2013. The lunches are served in area parks, community centers, and other venues from June 3 to August 2,  although dates may vary.

We think the excellent Albuquerque summer free lunch for kids program is very well-known already – it’s certainly popular with the parents who know about it!  But just in CASE you haven’t heard the word, children and youths aged from one year to eighteen years can get a free lunch (and at some venues a free breakfast) just by turning up.

The free lunch for kids program starts on June 3 2013 at most locations, and runs through August 2. At some venues the start and end dates may be different, so check the PDF lists of participating free kids lunch and breakfast venues at this link. At that same web page, you’ll also see a map of venues (scroll down!) to find the one closest to you, plus information on meal times and menus.

Meals are served on a first-come-first-served basis. The only restrictions are that youngsters can’t pick and choose – they take the entire meal – and they have to eat on site. The free lunch for kids is not a take-out deal. They must also clean up after themselves, and be generally well-behaved. No food fights!

The menus look pretty balanced, and in fact better than I get to eat most days when I’m too lazy to cook. (Yep, lunch at Cheap Central too often consists of yet another cup of coffee.) For example, the kids’ lunch on Friday June 7 is scheduled to be half a turkey sandwich with sliced bread, cheese, snap peas and apple sauce, and chocolate milk to wash it down.



Free Admission to Albuquerque BioPark for Kids

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Free admission to Albuquerque Bio Park for kids this summer

Photo by ABQ BioPark

Update 5/31: Cancelled! Sorry guys, it turns out that although this information was still showing on the ABQ BioPark website on May 30 when I posted this deal, I’ve learned from the press office people that they’ve discontinued the “Summer Mondays” discount that has been running for several years. They will NOT be offering free admission to kids on Mondays.

The BioPark has now removed that info from their FAQ page. I’ll leave this post up for a couple of days as a correction before removing it from ABQ on the Cheap.

Here’s a great way for children to enjoy free admission to Albuquerque BioPark Zoo, Aquarium, and Botanic Garden without breaking the bank this summer 2013!

Every Monday starting Monday June 3 through Monday August 26, 2013 , one paying adult can bring up to FOUR children into the ABQ BioPark Zoo (formerly the Rio Grande Zoo) or to the Albuquerque Aquarium and Botanic Garden with FREE admission to Albuqurque BioPark   for the kids.  The admission for the paying adult is $9 for New Mexico residents with ID, and $12.50 for out-of-state visitors. If you bring four kids with you, that adds up to a saving of $16. What a bargain!

This is a great summer deal for a family outing. Or use it for a playdate for the young ones. Or just turn up on the Mondays if you’d like to take advantage of an affordable option for visiting the zoo or aquarium. Note that the deal only applies to the admission price, and a child admission is for ages 3 to 12.

The offer (which is tucked away in the BioPark’s FAQ under “School Field Trips and Group Scheduling”!) begins the Monday after Memorial Day and ends the Monday before Labor Day.

Children aged under 3 always get free admission to Albuquerque BioPark, and of course the BioPark’s Tingley Beach is also always free for everyone.

Mama’s taking us to the zoo tomorrow, the zoo tomorrow, the zoo tomorrow… Let’s all sing along and enjoy this great summer deal that gives parents and others offering child care a price break this summer!



Free Kid’s Book from Barnes & Noble Summer 2013

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This great summer promotion encourages children to read more and they they get a free book! No purchase is necessary to take part in the Summer Reading giveaway, which starts on Tuesday, May 21, and continues all summer until September 3, 2013.

The Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Promotion gives a kids a free book when they read any other eight books. The offer is for children in grades Grade 1 to 6, and there are no strings attached – you don’t have to buy a book from Barnes & Noble, or from anywhere at all. Read free library books if you like!

The promotion works like this:

  • Kids in Grade 1 – 6 read any eight books they like, no purchase is necessary from Barnes & Noble.
  • Download the Summer Reading Free Book Journal PDF from the website, and the child records the names of the books they’ve read and says to whom they would recommend the book and why.
  • Take the completed passport (signed by a parent or guardian) to a Barnes & Noble store between May 21 and September 3, 2013.
  • They’re rewarded with a coupon for a FREE book, and they choose from a list of paperbacks suitable for grades 1 through 6.

The free kids’ books vary, and the choices available are listed in the summer journal.

The offer is limited to one free book per child, and runs through September 3, 2013.

If you like this, also check out the Freebies for Kids with Dion’s Club Read offer I posted about before. Smart bookworms would use the same list of books they’ve read and apply for a freebie at both Barnes & Noble and Dion’s!



Bike to Work Day Goodies: May 17

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As part of National Bike to Work Day 2013, roll up for free refreshments, free Starbucks, and free swag at breakfast stops on May 17.

Get on your bike for freebies this Friday May 17, 2013  on the Albuquerque Bike to Work Day. If you cycle to work you can join the free-wheeling fun from 6:30 to 8:30 am at the BikeABQ and the City of Albuquerque breakfast stop locations. They’re giving out snacks, biking info, and fun and very useful biking giveaways.

The free stuff includes T-shirts, water bottles, lights, patch kits, tire levers, reflective leg bands, and seat packs. The free breakfast items are granola bars, coffee and bananas, supplied by Starbucks, General Mills, and APS. All freebies are while supplies last, so you’ll have to start moving your little leggies and cycle there early!

This link shows you all the ABQ Bike to Work Day breakfast stops including maps and directions. They are positioned all over the city from Downtown at Civic Plaza (the northwest corner off Marquette),  Uptown at the Uptown Transit Center (Indian School and Americas Parkway), the Erna Fergusson Library east of San Mateo at the Paseo del Nordeste Trail, and on the Westside at Montano and Winterhaven. Plus three more stops.

Get fit, help the planet, and freebies too – what’s not to love?



Kids Bowl Free Summer 2013

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Kids can play two free games every day, plus a family pass for $24.95 for up to four adults to play two games each a day.

Kids Bowl Free is a great summer program with bowling centers around the country, giving kids the chance to play two free games every day throughout the promotion. Sign up soon to the Kids Bowl Free 2013 promotion to get free bowling coupons every week.

The currently participating center in Albuquerque are Leisure Bowl, Holiday Bowl, Silva Lanes, and Tenpins & More in Rio Rancho. If you were registered with the program last year, you need to re-register for 2013.

Start by registering your child or children for one or more of these bowling center programs. If you sign up for more than one, you’ll need to use a different email address for each account:

Leisure Bowl Kids Bowl Free program runs until September 17, 2013, for youngsters aged 18 and under. They can play seven days a week from Noon to 6 pm.

Holiday Bowl Kids Bowl Free program runs until September 17, 2013, for bowlers aged 18 and under. At Holiday Bowl, kids may bowl free seven days a week from 9 am to 6 pm.

Silva  Lanes Kids Bowl Free runs to September 10, 2013, for kids aged 18 and under. Their free games are on Monday and Thursday from 10 am to 10 pm; on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10 am to 5 pm; on Saturday from 11 am to 3 pm, and on Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm.

Tenpins & More Rio Rancho Kids Bowl Free program runs through August 31, 2013, for kids aged 15 and under. Their free games are valid on Monday to Wednesday and on Friday: 11 am to 2 pm; and on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 2 pm.

  • You can register up to six children on each registration form – if you have a bigger brood, you need to create an additional account with a different email address for the other children.
  • Then watch your email to confirm your subscription and then you’ll get an email with info to log in to your account and print out the coupons for 2 free games per day.
  • If the young bowler’s family members also want to play, then once you’ve registered a child for the free bowling, you have the option to buy a family bowling pass for $24.95, which allows up to 4 adults to each play 2 free games a day too.
  • If you don’t have your own bowling shoes, you still have to pay regular shoe rental rates
  • Check the FAQ for any other details on how Kids Bowl Free works.

There’s rumor that they’re introducing mobile coupons into the program this year, so you can show them on your smart phone, iPad, or other portable device. But I don’t see any sign of that yet… maybe it’ll come!

If you don’t know where these Albuquerque bowling centers are located, you’ll find them here: Leisure Bowl is at 7400 Lomas Blvd NE. Silva Lanes is at 3010 Eubank Boulevard NE. Skidmore’s Holiday Bowl is at 7515 Lomas Blvd NE. Tenpins & More is at 1416 Deborah Rd SE, Rio Rancho.



Free Comic Book Day: May 4

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Get a free comicFree Comic Book Day is baaaack!

On Saturday May 4, 2013, zoom into any participating comic book store and walk out with a FREE comic!  (Possibly more – retailers vary on how many free comics they’ll give away, but you’re guaranteed at least one.)

In Albuquerque, a slew of comic book shops are taking part, including Astro-Zombies, Lobo Anime & Comics, The Comic Warehouse, Kaboom Test Labs, Don’s Paperback Books, and Hastings Entertainment.

Use the Free Comic Book Day store locator to find the store nearest you.

Some shops may also host special events. For example, at Astro-Zombies, they’ll have a sidewalk sale starting at 11 am, and comic artists Aaron Campbell (The Dark Shadow, Green Hornet, and Sherlock Holmes) and Tim Seeley (G.I. Joe) will be there from 12 noon for signings and to meet the crowd. The store is located at 3100 Central Avenue SE.

It might be wise to arrive earlier rather than later at any of the participating Albuquerque comic book stores, in case all the freebies run out!

The Free Comic Book Day free comic giveaway takes place just once a year, on the first Saturday in May.



Free Acupuncture Open House: May 4

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Free acupuncture treatments at this Saturday’s open house…

When money’s tight, expenditure on our own wellbeing is often the first thing that’s lopped off the budget. So thanks to Dominic Villanueva at Desert Lotus Acupuncture for sending the heads-up on their open house with free acupuncture treatments.

The Desert Lotus Acupuncture open house is on Saturday May 4, 2013, from 11 am to 3  pm.  During the open house, visitors can get a free acupuncture treatment on a first-come, first-served basis. Just show up, and there are no special requirements.

You can also ask a nationally certified Doctor of Oriental Medicine your questions about acupuncture, and they’ll have drawings for door prizes too!

I’ve had acupuncture for various conditions, and I’m very squeamish, but the needles are so fine that I’ve never experienced it hurting at all. Plucking my eyebrows is more painful… and the results generally not as good!

Desert Lotus Acupuncture is located at 10301 Comanche Road NE, Suite 4. If you have any questions, contact them at (505) 550-2227.

Note: As with all service providers in the wellbeing area, we don’t endorse any particular business, we just report the deals. It’s up to the customer to check out services for suitability.



Freebies for Kids with Dion’s Club Read

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Dion’s Club Read is a great way to encourage kids to read, because they get FREE gifts in return… and maybe a chance to be Orbit’s guest at Isotopes Park!

The Dion’s Club Read program is for for preschool to 5th grade kids, running till July 17, 2013. The program is a partnership between Dion’s Pizza and the Albuquerque Isotopes, so it has a baseball theme – what’s not to love?

Here’s how it works: Pick up a scorecard brochure at a Dion’s location, or download it from the Dion’s Club Read website. After a child reads any six books of their choice (or it’s fine for parents and teachers to read books to youngsters who are still learning to read) they fill in the scorecard with the name of the books and they’ve hit a home run! The completed scorecard earns the student free gifts and a new scorecard. The child receives a different free gift for each scorecard they fill:

  • The prize for the First Home Run (the first scorecard of six books read) is a free backpack
  • For the Second Home Run (the second scorecard of six books read) the child gets a Dion’s Club Read T-Shirt, a ticket voucher to watch an Isotopes game, a coupon for a free small drink at Isotopes Park, and a new book.  They also get entered into a prize drawing.

The prize drawing is to win tickets to be Orbit’s guest at the Isotopes game on August 23 with four Club Level seat tickets, plus a Dion’s Pizza, a Dion’s $20 gift card, and an autographed baseball. AND the child can make a ceremonial first pitch! How cool is that? If this doesn’t encourage kids to read, then I don’t know what will!

The Dion’s Club Read program is for preschool children through 5th grade, and it runs until Wednesday July 17, 2013.

All the Dion’s locations and details on how the offer works are in the brochure on the Dion’s Club Read webpage.



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