Sierra Club Discount Plus Free Rucksack

March 10, 2011 by  
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Sierra Club membership usually starts at $25 per person, but if you join online right now, they’re giving discounted membership at the special offer price of $15, plus you get a free gift, either a black Expedition backpack or a Sierra Club 1892 rucksack.  Apparently the latter is the same style that founder John Muir used. I bet he didn’t get Pringles chip crumbs all in the bottom of his rucksack like I do whenever I go hiking. (Because after all, the whole point of a hike is the PICNIC!)

Different Sierra Club pages give different free gifts, but both include a year’s subscription to Sierra magazine:

Members also receive membership in their local Chapter (the Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter, or there are others in New Mexico if you’re an out-of-town reader) and discounts on Sierra Club goods including books and calendars. We’re not sure how long this Sierra Club special offer membership deal is available, so join fast if you’re interested.

The Sierra Club works to protect America’s wild and untamed places, and we have plenty of those around here. My kitchen would probably qualify.



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