Christmas Light Trade-In

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Christmas Tree Lights by BrihoHome Depot trades in used and broken Christmas lights for discounts on new sparkly lights – you need to take advantage of the deal by November 17!

The Home Depot Christmas light trade-in for old lights is such a great idea. Every year Mr Cheap pulls down last year’s lights from the box on top of the wardrobe, I plug them in, they don’t work. We plug them in to another socket, they still don’t work. We change the fuse in the plug. They still don’t work. I go through the whole strand checking every bulb is screwed in tight. They still don’t work. By now it’s Easter.

Sometimes it feels as if I might as well just throw away all the lights when I take the tree down, instead of carefully storing them for next year. But if we did that, we wouldn’t be able to trade the lights in for a discount!

With The Home Depot’s Christmas Light Trade-in you can take used or broken incandescent holiday light strings to The Home Depot store for recycling. In exchange you receive a discount of $3 to $5 on a new purchase of energy-efficient LED lights. Home Depot reckons that the Energy Star qualified lights use up to 65% less energy than incandescent lights. The discount options are:

  • $3 off Home Accents’ Holiday LED lights
  • $4 off Martha Stewart Living or GE LED lights
  • $5 off EcoSMART or Light Show LED lights

Find all the details in the Christmas Light Trade-In PDF. Each customer can take in up to five old incandescent light strings for a maximum of five discounts, by November 17, 2013.

Time to check out your holiday lights people… where did you put them? Sparkle on!



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