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Normally, we don’t advocate paying for “discounts.” Classic example: the Entertainment book. You pony up forty bucks or so, but do you really ever earn that back in discounts? For most of us, the book winds up stuffed under the seat of the car, never to be seen again after the first week or so.

Enter the ABQ Savings Card. This has promise. True, you do have to buy it. It looks like a credit card or loyalty card (think “PetPerks” by Petsmart), but it gives you discounts at a variety of local businesses.

But that’s not the best part.

The best thing is you can use the card over and over — and over — again to get the same discount each time. For example, want to save 15% off your tab at The Artichoke CafĂ©? You can do that every time you use the ABQ Savings Card until the card expires in 12 months! Whether you only eat there once, or you eat there once a week, as long as you use the card, you’ll save 15%. How great is that?

The ABQ Savings Card is new to Albuquerque, but a lot of businesses already have signed on. The card includes automotive services, florists, bakeries and restaurants, catering, home & garden, dry cleaning, limousine service, acupuncture, salons, retail shops, and more. Plus, ABQ Savings Card is adding merchants all the time.

Normally, the card costs $20, but for a limited time you can get one for just $9.99. We think that’s a pretty good deal, assuming you normally patronize the businesses that are participating. You can see which merchants honor the card at the ABQ Savings Card website.

The offer is called the “July special” and doesn’t specify an expiration date (2009), so maybe it will run throughout the month. Our understanding is that the cards expire one year from the purchase date.

If you decide to try the card out, please give us your feedback on whether you find it worthwhile.

–Elizabeth Hanes



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