25% Off New Jeans In Exchange For Your Used Jeans

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This is the kind of deal I like: It saves you money and warms your heart – or warms your buns in this case. Donate a pair of jeans to help an Albuquerque area homeless shelter or charity, and receive 25% off a new pair.

Aéropostale’s sixth annual Teens for Jeans campaign gives you 25% off new jeans, when you drop off your own gently worn jeans at one of their stores by February 10, 2013.  (Don’t take the Dropping Off part too literally – it’s probably best not to wear them TO the store.)

Jeans can be any brand and any size (larger sizes are definitely in demand in shelters) but all should be in good condition. As a reward for your good deed, you get 25% off a new pair at Aéropostale.

You can donate more than one pair, and you’ll receive a 25% discount coupon for each pair.  They’re not taking any other clothing donations – this deal is just jeans!  Aéropostale distributes the jeans to a local homeless shelter or charity in their network. The overall aim is to help homeless teens, but you don’t have to be a teen to join in.

Start sorting out your closet! Teens for Jeans runs till February 10, 2013, and this is a national promotion at all stores. Take your jeans to Albuquerque Aéropostale stores at Coronado Center and Cottonwood Mall.

If you want to contribute but don’t care about the discount, you can also donate your jeans at Albuquerque BioPark  during business hours. Leave your old jeans in one of the collection boxes at the administration offices at the Albuquerque Zoo or the Aquarium and Botanic Garden. (No need to pay the BioPark admission just to drop items off at the offices.) Los Lunas Middle School is leading that denim drive and depending on how many pairs of jeans they collect they could also win funds for the school.




2 Responses to “25% Off New Jeans In Exchange For Your Used Jeans”
  1. Tania says:

    I don’t know Karen. I know they give you a coupon for the 25% discount, but I don’t know the expiry date on that coupon, or if it’s the same for all locations. Probably best to check with your local store.

  2. Karen says:

    Hi Tania –

    Do I have to buy my new jeans on the spot … or will they give me a coupon to come back and shop at a later date?