25% off Anything at Osuna Nursery

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UPDATE: This 2009 Coupon is no longer valid.
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It must be said: we seriously envy Mr. Cheap as he toils in the backyard while we slave away at the computer all weekend. But maybe this offer from Osuna Nursery will prove incentive enough for us to ditch the home office for a few hours and get our hands dirty.

If you’re planning a garden, need some annuals for the flower bed, or want to invest in some low-water xeric plants for your own backyard, Osuna Nursery wants to help you do it cheaper. Through June 3, 2009, you can take 25% off any single item from their vast inventory! Plus, they’re running some super sales on popular plants, including:

  • 50% off Scotch Broom, all sizes and varieties
  • 50% off all summer bulbs, such as lilies, dahlias, and gladiolas
  • 25% off all orchids

Heck, they even offer clothing to garden in. What’s not to love?

To get the 25% off a single item coupon, simply print out the homepage of the website.

Osuna Nursery is located at 501 Osuna Rd, Albuquerque.

–Elizabeth Hanes


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