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We are delighted to welcome a TON of new readers — e-mail subscribers, RSS subscribers, Facebook fans (who can now read the blog feed within Facebook), and Twitter followers. Wow! We hope we live up to your expectations. Be sure to give us your feedback — or even show us your love.

A quick primer on how the site works:

  • Subscribe by e-mail or RSS and you’ll receive a once-daily (occasionally twice) digest of post titles and descriptions. Click on the post title to get the full story on the website.
  • You can browse the site by using the “Select Category” drop-down menu half-hidden under a block of advertisements on the right.
  • You can also conduct a search by using the search box in the menu bar (right-hand side).
  • We are working on a better way for you to find restaurant coupons and dining deals that are still valid (i.e.: have not expired). We hope to implement a solution to this problem soon.
  • You can easily share any individual post with your friends by using the “Share/Save” button at the bottom of each post. We rely on you to spread the word about our little site, and we don’t collect any information from your use of the “Share/Save” button, so your privacy (and that of your friends) is assured!
  • If you click on an advertisement while you’re here — or decide to advertise, yourself — you won’t hurt our feelings one little bit!

We periodically do giveaways (one is coming up very soon!). Sometimes, we conduct these giveaways via Twitter trivia contest; another time, we might do a Facebook contest. Thus, it pays to follow us in all the cool social media spots.

Occasionally, we post super-secret VIP deals that require a password to access. The only way to get the password is to follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

We have an informal partnership with Popejoy Hall to offer exclusive discounts (often 50%!) to our readers for high-caliber performances, like Broadway in New Mexico. Recently, for example, our readers got 50% off tickets to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Currently, you can get 50% off Cirque le Masque, but only if you act quickly. Again, we frequently tweet these deals or promote them on Facebook before you’ll see them in your e-mail or RSS subscription.

Swag is coming. We know, we know; we promised this weeks ago. We’ve been waiting for Cheap HQ to get official swag designs squared away on their end. As soon as they do, you’ll be the first to know! (What woman wouldn’t want a t-shirt that says “High Maintenance/Cheap Date” on it??)

Lastly, know that we sincerely appreciate your readership. ABQ on the Cheap is produced daily by a three-person team out of a living room in Uptown (or, occasionally, courtesy of free wi-fi at various caf├ęs around the city). Our goals are simple:

  • Have fun
  • Save money
  • Have fun
  • Support local businesses
  • Have fun

We think that’s a doable plan.

–Elizabeth Hanes


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