Summer Volunteer Program for Teens

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Landing a summer job is always tough as a teenager, and it might be even tougher this year. So, here’s an alternative: volunteer for the BioPark.

The BioPark offers several volunteer positions for teens age 14 and up on a year-round basis. Summer volunteer positions include BioPark Nature Guides (for ages 14  and up) and Conservation Camp Counselor (for ages 16 and up).

Nature Guides may work at the zoo, aquarium, or botanic garden. They staff the summer discovery areas and conduct hands-on activities using cool stuff like shark teeth to “excite visitors about conservation,” according to the Nature Guide job description.

Conservation Camp Counselors help lead the Camp BioPark classes for kids during the summer. Counselors assist teachers with the activities and games designed for each program, perform set-up and clean-up for each class, and generally wrangle the participants. For more, see the Conservation Camp Counselor job description.

Volunteering at the BioPark will look great on your resume, plus you’ll gain valuable job skills. Each of these positions requests a minimum time commitment, so make sure your schedule will allow you to fulfill your commitment. In exchange, you’ll receive certain benefits, which vary by position, but we hunch it includes free admission to the attractions.

Applications for both of these positions (along with all the other BioPark volunteer positions) are available at the BioPark’s website.

You gotta do something this summer, so why not spend your time in the gorgeous surroundings of the Albuquerque BioPark facilities? Sounds like a win-win to us!

–Elizabeth Hanes


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