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When spring is in the air, a young woman’s fancy turns lightly to thoughts of ripping out large areas of sod from the backyard and converting it to an exotic outdoor living space, complete with potted date palms and rattan furniture canopied with mosquito netting. At least, that’s how it works over here at Cheap Central.

Luckily, ripping out that sod could earn you a substantial rebate from the Water Authority. Their outdoor water rebate plans cover a wide range of conservation measures that could put cash in your pocket. Here’s a sampling:

  • Receive a 75¢ per square foot rebate by installing a drip irrigation system and replacing turf with xeric plants
  • Get a $1.50 per square foot rebate for replacing turf with xeric plants and installing a rainwater collection/direction system
  • Earn a 25% rebate (up to $100) for adding compost to your landscape
  • Receive a 25% rebate (up to $50) for renting sod removal equipment
  • Install a rain barrel or rainwater cistern and receive up to a $150 rebate
  • Attend a “Water Smart” irrigation class to earn a $20 credit

And there are other ways to get rebates or receive credit from the Water Authority. Of course, many of these suggestions will also help you use less water — which means a lower water bill. Check out all the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority’s rebate and credit programs and start saving today!

Note:  Sadly, canopies of mosquito netting are not included in any of the rebate programs.

–Elizabeth Hanes


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