Individual BOGO and % off coupons from Entertainment(r)

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You’ve seen the “Entertainment” books. The fat ones filled with coupons like buy-one-get-one-free dining coupons for your city. They’re usually sold as a fundraising event by earnest youngsters raising money for band camp and the like.

Problem was, you’d buy the darn thing and then a year would pass and you’d discover you’d only used a small fraction of the coveted coupons within. Argh.

Well Entertainment is experimenting with a new “a la carte” program. Now through February 28, you can log on to their website and purchase individual coupons for just 99-cents. These are the same great BOGO type coupons you’ve come to know and love, so even at a buck, this is a bargain. Who wouldn’t pay a dollar to get a coupon worth the price of a meal or even a latte?

A quick perusal of the coupons available for Albuquerque at the Entertainment site returned 262 results for dining alone. Other categories include “Shopping” and “Attractions.”

Definitely a path to cheap chow.

WHAT: 99-cent BOGO and “% off” coupons from Entertainment(r)
WHEN: Now through February 28
WHERE: Entertainment(r) website and your local eatery

–Elizabeth Hanes


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