Two Movie Deals Up to 50% Off Tickets

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Film-goers can save up to 50% on a trip to the movies in both of these deals for Regal Entertainment Group Cinemas at national Regal and UA theaters, including four in Albuquerque and a couple in Santa Fe.  Both are available for a limited time or in limited quantities.

Deal 1: Get Regal VIP Super Saver tickets at $6.50 each, with two options available: Pay $13 for two VIP Super Saver e-Tickets (up to a $25 value) or pay $26 for four VIP Super Saver e-Tickets (up to a $50 value). That means the tickets work out to $6.50 each.  The $6.50 ticket offer via Groupon Albuquerque can be redeemed at at any Regal Entertainment Group theatre box office nationally, including Regal Cinemas, United Artists Theatres and Edwards Theatres.

Deal 2: Pay $12.50 for a $25 Regal Entertainment Group Gift Card valid on tickets and food concession purchases, for first-time Saveology customers only, with a limited quantity available.  It’s a National deal so if you’re asked to select a city in the ordering process, select National. (And if a box appears at the linked page asking for your email address and you want to see the deal first, just click the screen outside the box and it goes away!) The 50% off movie gift card offer via Saveology first ran a few weeks ago and sold out, but now they’ve added new inventory. The gift card doesn’t expire and the full value of the card must be used in one visit. It’s valid at any Regal, United Artist, or Edwards theater nationally.

In Albuquerque, the Regal/UA cinemas for both the deals are:

  • UA Cottonwood
  • UA Winrock
  • UA High Ridge
  • UA Four Hills
  • There are also two locations in Santa Fe

Obviously you can buy both deals, but if you’re picking just one the best bargain depends on various factors. For example: how many of you are going to the movies and what times you tend to go, seeing as matinees are cheaper than evening shows so if you use the Groupon deal tickets for a matinee you won’t save as much as for an evening screening. The Saveology deal 2 is only available for first-time Saveology customers, so if you’ve purchased from Saveology before, the Groupon deal 1 is the way to go!

In either case, check the fine print to see how to redeem the movie tickets and any restrictions.

–Tania FYI – I’ve given you my Saveology and Groupon affiliate links to plug you direct to the offers.



2 Responses to “Two Movie Deals Up to 50% Off Tickets”
  1. Tania says:

    Good point, E, but the terminology they use is “Entire value must be used in one visit” so presumably that means one visit to the movies. That’s under Saveology’s “universal restrictions that apply to all Saveology Deals” (Tucked under the Fine Print tab, and Read Rules link). The Regal general gift card rules at the Regal website don’t even mention use in one visit, just that gift cards “are honored, just like cash, at the box office or concessions.” For all I know this universal Saveology rule doesn’t apply to the gift cards, but I don’t KNOW that so I mentioned the One Visit thing to be on the cautious side.

  2. e says:

    It seems, if you have to use it all at once, that you wouldn’t be able to buy both the movie and popcorn with it b/c they are two separate purchases :(