Edible Arrangements Chocolate-Dipped Fruit on the Cheap

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Get a box of chocolate-dipped fruit for $12 – saving $17 on the regular price of $29. That’s just a fraction under 60% off in this fruity promotion to January 20, 2013, in honor of National Dipped Fruit week .

I do so love chocolate-dipped fruit. I can kid myself I’m being healthy.  Because it really is all about the fruit isn’t it? Uh-huh. So here’s one way to get your chocolate  fruit on the cheap…

This Edible Arrangements dipped fruit promotion gives you 12 pieces of gourmet mixed chocolate-dipped fruit for $12 instead of the usual $29, with a mix of fruit in some permutation of strawberries, banana slices, pineapple, orange and apple wedges, or pears.

The promotion price is only for mixed fruit selections, available to January 20 when you either order online at the link, or call 877-DO-FRUIT / 877-363-7848.

Either way you have to collect the goodies at your local Edible Arrangements store, and orders made by Sunday January 20 must be picked up at your chosen store by Wednesday January 23.

Albuquerque Edible Arrangements stores are located at:

  • Fiesta Crossings Shopping Center, 4770 Montgomery Blvd NE
  • Shops @ Montano, 6001 Winter Haven Dr NW

Whenever I mention Edible Arrangements discounts they prove very popular. Readers tell me just how many boxes they’ve bought. Do they offer me a choc-dipped strawberry in gratitude? No they do not.  I can’t blame them, I wouldn’t share either… Enjoy!



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