Two Free Tacos from Jack in the Box? Maybe. Possibly.

August 3, 2009 by  
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So, here’s the thing. There’s a coupon on the Jack in the Box corporate website that states: “Tuesday, August 4th / Two Free Tacos.” The coupon goes on to say, “No purchase necessary. At participating restaurants only.”

Ah, see there’s the problem.

Neither of the two local Jack in the Box restaurants was able to tell us if they plan to honor the coupon. The location on Central didn’t know what we were talking about, and the west side location told us they hadn’t heard about this from corporate and wouldn’t know if they were participating until Tuesday. We tried, people. We sincerely tried.

But, anyway, feel free to give it a go. And please do tell your fellow readers in the comments which locations are participating (or not).

Thanks to our buddy Ron, King of the Freebies, for sending us this tip!

–Elizabeth Hanes



4 Responses to “Two Free Tacos from Jack in the Box? Maybe. Possibly.”
  1. Elizabeth says:

    We must have just had kismet on our side, because we phoned them up, and someone answered right away. Maybe they just weren’t too busy in the early evening or something? Or maybe your complaint to corporate was heard loud and clear? Who knows! Thanks for sharing the hours for the west side Jack in the Box.

  2. Leslie Irwin says:

    Btw, just curious, how were you able to contact them? I’ve been trying to call the Westside location for a couple weeks just to ask what their hours were and nobody ever answers the phone, no matter what time I call. (I know I could have just gone over and looked at the door, but everytime I’ve driven by, before today, it’s been a mob scene and I don’t fare well around crowds). I finally got kind of pissed and called corporate to inform them about this problem. Maybe the phone isn’t working, who knows…I was just curious though since I’ve never gotten through. At least I was able to find out their hours. For anyone curious this location is open 6am to 11pm 7days a week, drive thru open 24/7.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks so much for the update! We rely heavily on our “reporters in the field” to share info. And glad you got your tacos fast!

  4. Leslie Irwin says:

    I just got back from the Westside location and they honored the coupon. Also, to my amazement it wasn’t a mob scene like I expecting. Either not as many people as I thought signed up for the mailing list and got the coupons, or perhaps it was the time of day (3:30pn). So being a workday and all it may very well be a mob scene later on but I was in and out in five minutes.