National Get Outdoors Day & Free Parks Admission

The annual National Get Outdoors Day encourages us to back slowly away from the remote control and brave the Realm of No Air Conditioning, otherwise known as Outside.

Prepare yourself, because it’s coming up on Saturday June 9, 2012. Once we’re there (outside) we’ll find free outdoor fun because during Get Outdoors Day more than 100 national parks that usually charge admission fees are free for all. This is one of the occasional National Parks free admission days when participating parks waive the admission fee and you can explore without paying a cent.

There are ten New Mexico National Parks with free admission on June 9:

It’s a great excuse to take a day trip, get outside, and make the most of these beautiful summer days – fingers crossed that it is indeed beautiful on June 9. But whatever the weather, park admissions are free!

Albuquerque’s own Petroglyph National Monument is always free to enter (with a nominal parking fee at Boca Negra Canyon). Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument is always free too.



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