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Get a week of free yoga in October 2012 with the Yoga Month Card – but you have to sign up fast!

I mentioned this deal at the beginning of September as part of the National Yoga Month celebrations.
If you were too busy doing sun salutations and you missed it, here’s a reminder that you can still get a
free week of yoga classes using the Yoga Month Card.  You have to sign up for the card by October 5, then used it for a free week of classes until October 30, 2012.

The offer is for NEW students only, to give you a chance to try out yoga at participating studios. My understanding is that ‘new student’ means new to a particular studio – you don’t have to be a beginner. But check in advance with your chosen studio with any questions.

Participating Albuquerque yoga studios at time of writing (more may be added) are: 

  • Midtown Sports & Wellness (4100 Prospect NE)
  • Holistic Wellness Co-Op (1024 Eubank NE)
  • Albuquerque Ashtanga Yoga (206 Dartmouth Drive NE)
  • Kundun Yoga in Cedar Crest

Register for the Free Yoga Month Card, choose a studio, then print out the card. The offer is for one yoga card per person, and you can only choose one studio. You can’t change your selection later, so confirm any questions in advance with the studio to be certain you’ve picked the one you want.

Then use the card for a week’s worth of free yoga at your chosen Albuquerque yoga studio until October 30, 2012.



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