Corrected: Free Swim Passes

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Ed. note: We are sensitive to the timing of this post in relation to the terrible tragedy of Corbin Hayes, but we wanted to get this information out to our readers so they can enjoy a safe, fun summer of swimming. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Corbin’s family.

While supplies last, you can pick up a free swim pass for 2009 courtesy of the Ditch & Water Safety Task Force. Passes may be used at Albuquerque city swimming pools, Bernalillo County pools, and City of Rio Rancho pools. Pick up a pass from the following sponsors:

  • KOB TV
  • Rio Rancho pools Rio Rancho fire stations (see comments thread)
  • Bernalillo County Aquatics
  • Bernalillo Fire Departments
  • Bernalillo Sheriff’s Department
  • Mechanical Concepts
  • CABQ Pools
  • CABQ Fire Stations

Enjoy your local pools this summer!

–Elizabeth Hanes



2 Responses to “Corrected: Free Swim Passes”
  1. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks very much for clarifying this. Our information regarding picking up passes at Rio Rancho pools was actually obtained from the City of Albuquerque’s website. We’ll issue a corrected post, as well as posting your comment!

  2. Marcella says:

    I am the Aquatics supervisor for the Rio Rancho pools and just wanted to let you know that our pools are not a location that the passes can be picked up from. Here in Rio Rancho they can be picked up from the local fire stations. Thank you