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I mentioned this freebie before, but in case you missed it, here’s a reminder of how to Feed it Forward and give friends and family free $10 restaurant certificates until January 1, 2013.

Free restaurant certificates to give as gifts? What a great idea to spread a little seasonal cheer! Through January 1,  you can send free $10 certificates to your friends. This is part of their Feed It Forward promotion – scroll down at the link to the Feed It Forward info.

You can give one gift to each person during the Feed it Forward promotion, and they send the certificate via email. Friends and family choose from thousands of participating restaurants nationally to redeem their certificate. Note that there is usually a minimum spend in restaurants, so your recipient will have to top up a little, but they’ll still get $10 off their check.

You can pretty much send as many free $10 certificates you like as there’s a maximum of 100 per sender per day. Even our most popular reader would surely struggle to find THAT many friends to send to.  The promo ends on January 1, or when the money runs out. They have a maximum of $40 million worth of free restaurant certificates to give away – that’s a lotta free food, people!

If you want to actually buy already discounted dining certificates for yourself or others, prices are typically $4 for a $10 certificate, $10 for a $25 certificate, or $20 for a $50 certificate, and other denominations are available. But they often offer a promo code for a further discount if you add the code at checkout. If there’s a current promo code available you can see it in this image below that automatically updates: Weekly Promo Offer 468 x 60

Albuquerque restaurants in the program include:
Red Brick Pizza, Cheese and Coffee Cafe Downtown, True Sushi, Forque Kitchen and Bar, Bandido Hideout, Coolwater Fusion Restaurant, Sophia’s Place, Ezra’s Place, Saffron Tiger, Olympia Cafe, and other venues High Noon, Brasserie La Provence, Amici, Yasmine’s Cafe, and many more.

Check individual restaurants for deal terms (eg minimum spend) to make sure they’re a good deal for you before tucking your napkin under your chin

–Tania. I’ve given you my affiliate links.


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