Free Pet Behavior Helpline

July 29, 2009 by  
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Not to be indelicate, but…is your pooch peeing on the carpet suddenly? Has Fluffy the cat decided your new leather couch makes a great new scratching post? Or maybe Rover has become a real Houdini that laughs at your attempts to fence him in?

Did you know many pets wind up in shelters simply for the types of reasons cited above? Which is sad, because these are all solvable problems.

The key to a long, loving relationship with our pets is understanding how to deal with their behaviors in order to keep peace in the home. If you’re having problems with your pet’s behavior, FREE help is available from Animal Humane New Mexico.

Just call 505-938-7900 to speak to a trained coach who can help you solve pet behavior problems. This is an absolutely free service!

Now, if only they could provide free trained coaches to deal with teenage behavior problems, we’d be set.

–Elizabeth Hanes


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