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Free music MP3s to download in individual tracks or albums – some are available for a limited time.

Amazon offers a free Artists on the Rise MP3 sampler album each month. You get a free track from a selection of up-and-coming music makers and the choices vary, so if you’re reading this in a future time-warp, check out what’s up for that month. In September there are so many good tracks it’s hard to pick just a few, but my favorite September freebies include:

  • I Don’t Care by Elle Varner really caught my ear.
  • I Could Be a King by The Dunwells. Inspiring lyrics!
  • Pow by Kendra Morris, with a bit of an Amy Winehouse catch in the voice.
  • Leaving Me Later by JT Hodges has a sweet country twang that wrapped me round its finger.
  • Plus Milo Greene, Charlie Mars and more, twelve tracks in all. Download just the tracks you like, or the whole free album.

I also found this free Green Hill Jazz Sampler of smooth jazz, just released last week, and with very good reviews. Individual tracks on the album by Beegie Adair & Friends cost 99 cents individually, but if you download the entire album it’s currently free – I just downloaded it!

It’s also worth checking out the 100 albums for $5 deal this month that includes classic albums by Meatloaf, Sam Cooke’s greatest hits, The Best Of Santana, plus Train, John Mayer, Joss Stone, and more.

If you’ve got kids, the Free Children’s Music Sampler from Trio Lane Records looks a bit hokey by the cover, but actually I think the tracks I’ve heard are pretty good and fun for kids.  I especially relate to the song called Land Of I Don’t Want To.

The MP3 single Don’t Dig Here by Crosby and Nash (no Stills) is still free to download, and sounds mighty fine.

Don’t Mess With Texas: SXSW 2012 New Music is also still free to download, with music by bands who performed at the South by Southwest 2012 Music and Film Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas.

Other free music downloads include:

  • Free MP3s of songs with a wide variety of genres and artists familiar and new
  • Free MP3 albums including options from children’s music to hard rock, plus opera, rap, classical, latin, country, blues, and jazz.  You can sort the free music by selecting the genre to the left at the link.

If you’ve found a great piece of music free or on the cheap – don’t keep it to yourself! Tell us about it in the comments box below.

–Tania. Note: I’ve given my Amazon affiliate links. 


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