Free Lecture: Honoring Feminist Artist Betye Saar

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Feminist artist Betye Saar

If you’re a woman of a certain age, you remember what an exciting time the 1970s were for feminism. One of the more exciting aspects of that time was the emergence of Feminist art as a distinct contemporary genre.

We’re lucky to have legendary Feminist artist Judy Chicago right here in the Albuquerque area. Now, Judy and her “Through the Flower” organization will be celebrating another legendary Feminist artist, Betye Saar, on Saturday, May 23 (2009), 2:00pm at the South Broadway Cultural Center.

For many decades, Betye Saar has explored the themes of race by reflecting on the different cultures of her heritage; African, Native American, Creole, and Irish. Saar is known for her multimedia collages, box assemblages, altars, and installations consisting of found materials which she transforms into statements of political and social protest. In her work, Saar voices political, racial, religious and gender concerns in an effort to “reach across the barriers of art and life, to bridge cultural diversities, and forge new understandings.”

The FREE Saturday event includes a lecture by Saar. It’s a must-attend event for anyone interested in feminism, and it’s probably a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet two legendary Feminist artists at the same time.

Take your daughters (and your granddaughters) and troop over to the SBCC for this fantastic event!

The South Broadway Cultural Center is located at 1025 Broadway SE, Albuquerque.

–Elizabeth Hanes


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