Free Financial Seminar How to Manage Your Credit: Oct 23

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How to Manage Your Credit is on the schedule in a series of free financial seminars hosted by Kirtland Federal Credit Union.

On Saturday, October 23, you can learn all about How to Manage Your Credit, plus snacks and drinks are provided! The seminar covers:

  • Establishing Credit
  • Strategies for improving your credit score
  • An overview of credit bureaus & credit reports (AKA: the World’s Greatest Mystery outside of how come Angelina Jolie never seems to look any older than she did last year?)
  • How to dispute inaccuracies (That one could also extend to the mystery of how come Angelina Jolie never etc. But the truth is, she must be getting older, she simply always looks fab, and I’m just jealous.)

RSVP in advance as places are limited and then they know to bring an info pack for you. You can phone (505) 254-4329 to reserve a place for the How to Manage Your Credit free seminar, or book online at the link.

  • When: Saturday October 23, 2010
  • Time: 11 am – 12.30 pm
  • Where:  Quarters BBQ at 4516 Wyoming NE (near Montgomery)

Erm, they actually say the seminar starts at 11 pm on their website, and although we haven’t had chance to fact-check that, we’re pretty confident that even this close to Halloween Kirtland Federal Credit Union seminars aren’t running over the midnight Witching Hour.  

ABQ on the Cheap has been told in the past by a completely unaffiliated party that there’s no pressure to join the credit union or open an account. Just free financial advice. Let us know if you experience something different.



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