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Free money management and financial advice bookGet Craig Guillot’s book Stuff About Money: No BS Financial Advice for Regular People as a free Kindle book (or read it on your PC) on April 26, 2012. 

My journalist colleague Craig Guillot had the brilliant idea to write a practical book about money management that we ordinary people can understand (cut out the jargon!) with tips from financial professionals on everything from real estate and retirement to insurance and savings. The book offers quick and relatively easy-to-do ways to boost financial security, one step at a time.

Usually the book costs $7.99, but on Thursday April 26, 2012, you can get a free download of Stuff About Money: No BS Financial Advice for Regular People for Kindle. Or, if you don’t have a Kindle,  then downloaded it to your computer or other mobile device, using Amazon’s free app at the link.

The freebie offer is in celebration of Financial Literacy Month, and it’s for one day only, on April 26, 2012.

I started reading this book a few weeks ago. I have to say it’s very straight-talking, sensible, and realistic, and it aims to give some peace of mind and confidence about manage money and financial life. I haven’t got to the section yet on “Why you should track your net worth no matter how little it may be” but I’m looking forward to it. My net worth is probably around $8.62, although if I count Mr. Cheap as an asset, it may rocket into the double digits.

–Tania FYI I’ve given you my Amazon affiliate link for the free Kindle book download. 


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