Free Christmas Tree Recycling

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Yeah, it’s sad, but the Christmas trees have to come down some time, and now what do you do with them?

If you haven’t heard about this Free Christmas Tree Recycling service from the City of Albuquerque and Public Service Company of New Mexico, you’ve got until January 6 to dispose of your tree for free, and recycle to save landfill space. That’s an earlier date than in previous years, but hey, that’s the deal.

The Christmas Treecycling – ha ha! – is available through Sunday January 6, 2013. Drop your tree off between 8 am and 5 pm, at the locations below. Note that this is only for residential customers – if you’re an Albuquerque business you’ve gotta make other plans.

Each person can drop off up to five Christmas trees – Five? Do they think I live in a palace? But I guess you can team up with neighbors and one person drop off several trees – save gas and recycle trees to save landfill space.

Plus, as the Christmas trees are chipped at each location, you can also take away free tree chippings to use as mulch. Sweet!

Free Christmas Tree Recycling locations:

  • Eagle Rock Convenience Center, 6301 Eagle Rock NE
  • Montessa Park Convenience Center, 3512 Los Picaros SE
  • Ladera Golf Course, Coors and Ladera NW

Maps and phone numbers for each location are at the above link.



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