Free Chick-fil-A on Cow Appreciation Day

July 10, 2012 by  
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Free Chick-fil-A I can’t quite believe it’s been a full year since I last encouraged you to dress up as a cow in order to get free food.  Here we are, all sane and rational people, and yet we love this Chick-fil-A Cow Appreciation Day freebie every year! They’re all crazy at Chick-fil-A (in a nice way), and it seems we’re as nutty as they are.

So, here’s the deal. Get a Free Chick-fil-A meal for Cow Appreciation Day at all locations on Friday July 13, 2012,  if you show up fully dressed as a cow! They’ve got a kit to show you how! (Hey, that rhymes.)

Or if you go partially dressed as a cow, such as a cow spotted hat or bandana, you’ll get some kind of free entree item.

To go FULLY dressed as a cow from head to hoof, Chick-fil-A gives you a starter kit for the full Cow Appreciation Day. This  brilliant bovine day of beauteous bargains is ONLY on Friday July 13, 2012.

So put your best hoof forward, practice moo-ing, and chew the cud at either Chick-fil-A Paseo del Norte or Chick-fil-A Cottonwood Corners.



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