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Ancestry.comIf you’re sleuthing out your family tree, you can get free access to to search immigration and travel records this Labor Day weekend, until September 2.

The free access lets you search  immigration and travel records to see things like passenger lists, border crossings, and passports and citizenship naturalization documents.

I’m not much of a family tree expert myself, but Mr Cheap’s mom is big into tracing the family history. So far I’ve been disappointed to discover that my husband is not actually descended from George Washington, despite his hairstyle. Still, we live in hope.

To take advantage of the free access to search immigration and travel records plug in whatever information you know about your relative, and see what you find out. Make sure you use the search at the link I’ve given you, rather than choosing the 14 day free trial. (The free trial, which is always available at, asks you to choose a membership payment plan and provide a payment method for later billing.)

With the free offer this weekend, you can start by just entering some details about a person and see what pops up in the search. After that, you might need to provide a guest access name and email address once you’re into your search, but it shouldn’t require any payment method.

The free access is available through midnight Eastern time on Monday September 2, 2013. That’s 10 pm Mountain time.

If you’re wondering about the image, it’s the The World War I draft card of Tom Cruise’s great grandfather, Thomas Cruise Mapother, courtesy of Nothing to do with the immigration and travel records, but kinda cool.



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