Amateur Radio Field Day

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When doing the long-family-vacation-by-car thing as kids, we always tried to spy the cars with giant whip antennae and funny license plates with an alphabet soup of letters and numbers unlike no others. “Ah, there’s a ham radio guy,” we’d note nonchalantly, as if we knew all about it.

Of course, we knew nothing about it.

But now you (and your kids) can learn everything about ham radio operation — or, as it’s more genteelly referred to today, “amateur radio operation.”

Head out to the 2009 Amateur Radio Field Day, which begins at noon on Saturday, June 27, and operates for 24 hours. Hosted by the Albuquerque Amateur Radio Club and the Amateur Radio Caravan Club, this fun event showcases how amateur radio operates under emergency conditions in the field using self-contained power sources, and there also will be a “Get on the Air” station where non-licensed operators have a chance to see how radio works. Shut up! Or, you know…don’t.

Amateur radio is a fun hobby, and it’s a crucial part of emergency communications during natural disasters and other crises. The Field Day is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the technology and the great people behind amateur radio!

The 2009 Amateur Radio Field Day will be held in the northeast heights at Montgomery Park, corner of Alvarado and Comanche NE, Albuquerque.

–Elizabeth Hanes


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