Albuquerque Free Night of Theatre

Sign up for this Albuquerque Theatre Guild promo by September 30, 2012, for a chance at free theatre tickets!

The annual Free Night of Theatre campaign has been running nationally for some years in other cities, but as far as I’m aware this is the first time Albuquerque has participated. Yay!

The Albuquerque Free Night of Theatre is essentially a lottery – you sign up free at the link through September 30 and choose up to five live theatre performances you would like to see. People who register may win pairs of tickets to any, some, or all of the performances they select – or they may get none at all, I assume.

The performances are all by participating Albuquerque Theatre Guild member theatres for productions taking to the stage during October and November 2012. It’s an opportunity to try out a theatre you’ve never been to before, or for anyone who’s never even been to the theatre at all – here’s your chance to get completely free tickets.

The free ticket values vary from $12 to $35 each, and performances include:

  • 9 to 5: The Musical at Albuquerque Little Theatre
  • Murder at Lighthouse Point at East Mountain Center for Theatre – including dinner!
  • Annie at the Rodey Theatre
  • The Jewel in the Manuscript at Adobe Theater
  • Burn This at Aux Dog Theatre
  • The Haunting of Hill House at Aux Dog Theatre
  • Finger Mouth by the Tricklock Performance Laboratory
  • The History of Asking the Wrong Question at N4th Theater
  • The Waiting Room by Mother Road Theatre Company at the Filling Station
  • ….and several more.

Register for the Albuquerque Free Night of Theatre at the link. After I registered my contact info, the form didn’t immediately take me to the theatre selections. So if the same happens to you, click on the Edit Your Personal Ticket Entry tab at the sign up page – then you’ll see the options available.

Remember, it is a lottery, so there’s no guarantee, although I gather that choosing a theatre you’ve never been to before increases your chance of winning free tickets. (How do they know where we’ve been? Spooky.)  I’m also not sure how many free tickets each person gets. Hopefully a pair or more, but I’ve got a message out to the Albuquerque Theatre Guild to check and I’ll update here.

UPDATE: ABQ Theatre Guild confirms that the giveaway is for pairs of tickets, and that 12 Theatres have contributed 123 pairs of tickets to 44 performances of 15 productions. Some of the performances don’t have many people competing for them, so if you enter you have a good chance for a pair of free theatre tickets.



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