Albuquerque Free Lunch for Kids Program

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The City of Albuquerque’s Summer Lunch Program dishes up free lunch for kids (and sometimes breakfast too) for youngsters aged 1 to 18 this summer 2013. The lunches are served in area parks, community centers, and other venues from June 3 to August 2,  although dates may vary.

We think the excellent Albuquerque summer free lunch for kids program is very well-known already – it’s certainly popular with the parents who know about it!  But just in CASE you haven’t heard the word, children and youths aged from one year to eighteen years can get a free lunch (and at some venues a free breakfast) just by turning up.

The free lunch for kids program starts on June 3 2013 at most locations, and runs through August 2. At some venues the start and end dates may be different, so check the PDF lists of participating free kids lunch and breakfast venues at this link. At that same web page, you’ll also see a map of venues (scroll down!) to find the one closest to you, plus information on meal times and menus.

Meals are served on a first-come-first-served basis. The only restrictions are that youngsters can’t pick and choose – they take the entire meal – and they have to eat on site. The free lunch for kids is not a take-out deal. They must also clean up after themselves, and be generally well-behaved. No food fights!

The menus look pretty balanced, and in fact better than I get to eat most days when I’m too lazy to cook. (Yep, lunch at Cheap Central too often consists of yet another cup of coffee.) For example, the kids’ lunch on Friday June 7 is scheduled to be half a turkey sandwich with sliced bread, cheese, snap peas and apple sauce, and chocolate milk to wash it down.



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