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How much do we love our readers?? Be sure to read the comments thread for more details about what does — and doesn’t — cost money at the clinic. And please note the corrected hours!

Yes, it’s true. In fact, some people may believe it’s too good to be true, because the physicians offering this service say not enough people are taking advantage of it!

On the first and third Sunday of every month (the next date will be this Sunday, July 19, 2009), doctors at the “Doctor On Call” clinic at Coors and Rio Bravo SW offer free non-emergency medical care to anyone who walks through the door. No strings attached.


They don’t check ID. They don’t ask if you have insurance. They don’t verify your income. Just walk in and the doctor will see you. Doctor on Call is open 24/7 but the free service is available only from 9:00am – 1:00pm on designated Sundays.

Note that the free service is provided only at the southwest Albuquerque location: 3211 Coors Blvd SW.

Tell them Dr. Cheap referred you.

–Elizabeth Hanes



3 Responses to “Free Medical Care”
  1. Elizabeth says:

    How much do we LOVE our readers?? You, sir or madam, should consider yourself an investigative journalist. Way to fill in the details we didn’t have time to ferret out! In short, we salute you.

  2. Xc says:

    I also found out that the free part is ONLY from 9am to 1pm Sunday, not all day.
    They have reduced prices for labs and xrays, and they do not at this time have a contract with BCBS, so people really need to call this place and ask alot of specific questions before they decide to go in.

  3. Xc says:

    Great service, but maybe nobody has shown up in the past because
    1. We didn’t know about it because the local TV news just mentioned it a few days ago…(how are we supposed to know?)

    2. If blood tests, urinalysis, xrays etc are ordered, do they then ask for identification? Some place has to get paid for that part. Does insurance kick in then or private pay or what? Maybe people don’t come in because they have too many questions or they think that the cost of the labs, xrays, whatever, will be prohibitive. Then, if insurance does pay for the extras, the ordering doc has to be “in network” for the extras to be paid “in network.” See?

    I am saying that this missing information is not your fault at all, I just think that any time someone says that something we normally think of as costly is suddenly “free”, we the public are suspicious because there must be a charge for the add-ons. The place giving it away free needs to provide more information and facts so that the public can make an informed decision. If we knew all the facts and what if’s, we would come get the free service in droves.