Contest! Win Fantastic Popcorn Kit!

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You can win this fabulous Kernel Season's Popcorn Kit!

To celebrate reaching 500 fans on our Facebook page, we’ve got a contest for you! Up for grabs: FIVE Kernel Season’s Popcorn Kits! See photos, which depict exactly what’s included:

  • 1 bag of regular popping corn
  • 3 bags of microwave popcorn (photo shows only two because, um, we ate one)
  • 1 can of butter flavored spritzer
  • 6 full-size (2.7 – 3 oz. each) shakers of popcorn seasoning in nacho cheddar, white cheddar, parmesan & garlic, butter, ranch, and kettle corn flavors
  • 1 recipe booklet

When Kernel Season’s sent us one of these kits for review, we said, “We don’t do reviews.” They replied, “OK, but if you review it, we’ll give you five kits to give away to your readers.” So we said, “Hey! We do reviews!”

The kit contains full-size containers of six flavored popcorn seasonings.

To be honest, your editor isn’t too keen on popcorn, so she thought this review might be an exercise in diplomacy. But guess what? We really loved the popcorn kit! We tried two of the microwave packages, and they popped up into some of the fluffiest popcorn we’ve ever eaten. Seriously. We tried the butter-flavored spritzer and didn’t think it was very good. Both your editor and Mr. Cheap thought it wasn’t very flavorful, just mainly greasy.

But then we figured out (by reading the instructions, duh) that the spritzer isn’t designed to be used alone. Rather, you’re meant to spray it onto air-popped popcorn in order to help the seasonings stick. Now that makes more sense!

The powder seasonings are all natural, with no MSG, and those babies are goood! The nacho cheddar seasoning imparts a real cheddary flavor, and the butter flavor one was actually better than the spritzer. The parmesan and garlic seasoning was great on popcorn and would probably be even better on steamed veggies. We particularly liked that the seasonings weren’t excessively salty tasting.

We haven’t yet tried the kettle corn seasoning (sounds yummy!), the ranch, or the white cheddar, but we believe we sampled enough of the kit to give it a resounding (and honest!) endorsement. (By the way, Kernel Season’s products are widely available at various retailers around Albuquerque — just in case you don’t win one of these fun kits.)

Use the butter-flavored spritzer to help the popcorn seasoning stick to the kernels better.

So, how do you win one??

Well, you need to write the BEST POPCORN HAIKU in the comment form located directly beneath this post.

(Ed. note: your poem will not appear immediately, as we have comment moderation turned on. So, don’t panic. Be assured your comment/poem has been received.)

A haiku is a poem consisting of three lines. The first line contains 5 syllables. The second line contains 7 syllables. The third line contains 5 syllables. Here’s an example:

Oh, we love to pop
Bowls of fluffy white kernels
Crunch! Down my gullet

You must type your haiku in the comment thread for this post. Only one haiku per e-mail address (your e-mail address will not be publicly revealed). Haikus will be judged on popcorniness, hilarity, and blatant obsequiousness by the editorial team, whose decisions are final. Deadline to enter is midnight MDT Sunday, 6/28/09. Winners will be announced on Monday, 6/29/09. Employees, relatives, and close friends of the editorial staff of ABQ on the Cheap are not eligible. Must be a New Mexico resident to win.

Important note: we will be providing the name and address of each winner to the public relations firm working with Kernel Season’s, as they will be mailing the packages directly to winners. If you’re not comfortable with this, then please don’t enter. However, you have our word they are nice peeps.

Thanks very much for your support of ABQ on the Cheap, whether by reading here on the web, subscribing by e-mail or RSS, being our fan on Facebook, or following us on Twitter! You guys rock!!

Now, get out there and show off your mad haiku skilz!

–Elizabeth Hanes



18 Responses to “Contest! Win Fantastic Popcorn Kit!”
  1. Robyn says:

    ill eat it all up
    o popcorn makes me happy
    ill eat it all now

  2. Lee Ann says:

    Fabulous flavors!
    Please, ABQ On The Cheap,
    Show me the popcorn.

  3. Constance Jobe says:

    Shake on the Seasn’ing!
    Popcorn for dinner again!
    I surrender, my Kernel!

  4. Anna says:

    POP! mouth-watering
    HOP! heaven’s delight dining
    SHOP! Kernel’s real thing!

  5. NMCS_Ron says:

    Pop, pop, fizz Gee Whiz !
    No Colonel Rainchecks yet..Boo!!
    Free ‘corn beats no grilled !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Rachel says:

    Popcorn, oh popcorn
    how I love thee so sweetly!
    6 flavors? I’m set!

  7. Anita says:

    Pop pop pop pop Ding!
    The buttery taste explodes
    it melts in my mouth.

    Me, share my popcorn?
    Puffy crunchy clouds of air
    This is Mommy’s bag.

  8. Valerie Lamberti says:

    Buttery clouds fill
    my tummy with happiness
    and joyful pleasure!

  9. darla aiken says:

    Winter , Sring, Summer, Fall, Kernal Seasons Beats them All

  10. Devi De La Garza says:

    Cheddar Cheese, Nacho
    Caramel,Ranch and Garlic
    So Many Choices

  11. Katlyn De La Garza says:

    I love my popcorn
    It is fluffy and tasty
    but no fun to sweep

  12. Jenifer De La Garza says:

    This poem was written by my 8 year old daughter Lori:

    I like my popcorn
    Popcorn is really good yum!
    I love popcorn yum!

  13. Tanja Cilia says:

    Please pass the popcorn
    It’s the best Season’s Greeting
    That I’ve ever had!

  14. Lenise Torres says:

    Love to eat popcorn
    especially when it’s free
    Kernels is the best!

  15. Eager corn kernels
    Dwell in Buttery Goodness

  16. Alex(andria) Piland says:

    Snowy puffs explode
    with a flavorful essence
    for happy tummies

  17. Hot and buttery
    Nothings better with movies
    Popcorn, yummy, yum

  18. Colombe Leland says:

    Winter, Spring, Summer,
    Fall into bliss anytime
    with Kernal Seasons