Cheap Movies for the Whole Family

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Moviegoing used to be an inexpensive American pastime. No more. Today, tickets cost $10 apiece, and concession costs can add another $20, easily.

However, you can still find low-cost movie tickets that will allow you to take your family out to the flicks for a reasonable price. Here are a few we know of:

  • Movies West and Movies 8 offer cheap movie tickets: Every Monday, families of 3 or more pay just 50¢ per person! These theaters generally show second-run movies, but at this price, who cares? Plus, Tuesday shows are all $1, and matineés before 4:00pm are just $1.50 every day.
  • Century Rio 24 and Century 14 Downtown offer an Early Bird Matineé price of $5.50 every day. That’s a savings of $4.50 off their usual adult admission fee. And these are all first-run flicks.
  • Starlight Cinema in Los Lunas offers “Date Night Tuesdays” that cost $25 per couple and include 2 adult tickets, 1 large popcorn, and 2 medium sodas.
  • And, as we blogged before, Regal Entertainment is offering a free family film festival all summer. You can’t get cheaper than “free”!
  • Starting June 19, you can view free classic movies downtown on Civic Plaza as part of the “Civic Cinema” film series. We’ll have more on that later!

So, go ahead: treat yourself to the magic of summer cinema! Popcorn optional.

–Elizabeth Hanes


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