Albuquerque the Magazine’s Best of the City Awards 2012 & Save on Subscription

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Thanks for voting ABQ on the Cheap into the Top 5 Bloggers for Albuquerque The Magazine’s Best of the City Awards 2012!  It’s a joy to win your vote of confidence again this year, and I look forward to bringing you more bargains for every bright and beautiful New Mexico day.  Thanks to everyone who voted for us… Albuquerque on the Cheap readers are the best!

And because I can’t resist a deal tip: here at Cheap Central we save bucks with an Albuquerque The Magazine subscription at $15 a year.  It’s a bargain for a magazine that arrives chock-full of entertaining articles, profiles of the people to know and the places to go, and info on Albuquerque restaurants, arts, and businesses. A subscription gives you 65%  off the cover price of $3.95 per issue, so if you buy more than three issues a year on the newstands anyway, it’s a no-brainer to subscribe and save.

In the Best of the City Awards, congratulations to Best Blogger winner Arantha Royce for her Arantha’s Gourmet Beauty blog. She’s a woman after my own heart and we seem to share a passion for Essie nail polish. I’m wearing Essie as I write and it couldn’t be prettier. I usually buy my Essie on discount at TJ Maxx, although I probably shouldn’t admit that to beauty guru Arantha. In my defense I’ll say that because the Essie polishes at TJ Maxx are about half price, I take a risk on trying colors I wouldn’t splurge on otherwise. (Right now a delicate eau de nil shade, and I have an urban greenish-gray lined up for the weekend.)

Congrats too to the other bloggers in the best of the rest top five: my eternal favorite Gil’s Thrilling (and Filling) Blog by fab foodie Gil Garduno, a must-read if you want the scoop on local restaurants that rock; the cool Follow Eric blog I mentioned earlier this year, and New Mexico Politics with Joe Monahan, who puts a pop in la politica.

Thanks to you readers who support all of the Albuquerque magazines, newspapers, and bloggers.




2 Responses to “Albuquerque the Magazine’s Best of the City Awards 2012 & Save on Subscription”
  1. Gil Garduno says:

    Many congratulations, Tania. I had hoped you would be the one to finally topple Joe Monahan as the city’s best blogger, but I’ve got to admit to being a closet Arantha fan, too (for the recipes).

  2. Arantha says:

    Hey Tania! Thanks for the shout out! Congrats to you as well. No judgement on TJ Maxx Essie! I’ve gotten them myself there before. Can’t beat $3.99! :). Happy holidays to you!