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April 18, 2012 by  
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If you’re trying to conjure up something free to do this weekend in Albuquerque, here’s an idea for anyone with a budding wizard in the family or a wannabe David Copperfield.

Pop on your pointy hat and shout abracadabra… The Magic and Juggling Shop in Nob Hill holds a free Magician’s Apprentice workshop on the third Saturday of every month at 11 am.

The hour-long workshop is an intro to magic for aspiring magicians aged 7 and upwards, and in an hour you probably won’t make any buildings disappear, but we’ve all got to start somewhere.

The next Magician’s Apprentice workshop is on Saturday April 21, 2012 at 11 am. No need to book in advance – just magically appear! (Don’t worry if their website still shows the March date, I’ve confirmed it’s on for April 21 too.)

Even if you’re not going to the workshop, it’s worth noting that first time visitors to the store get a free magic trick when they drop in to check out the magic, juggling, and practical joke supplies.

The Magic and Juggling shop is also selling tickets for the Imagine the Magic Show featuring three magicians at The Filling Station on April 27 and 28. Tickets cost a reasonable $15.

Although the monthly Magician’s Apprentice workshops are ongoing, if you’re reading this in a future time warp from the date of posting, contact the store in case they change the schedule.

The Magic and Juggling Shop is located at 3205 Central Avenue NE



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