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Update 8/1/2013: This deal has now expired, and links are removed.

If you missed my earlier post on this, here’s a reminder that today is the final day of the Entertainment Book 2013 clearance sale at $5.99 on all city books.  Standard shipping is $1.

The Albuquerque Entertainment Book 2013 has a regular price of $40, but on Wednesday July 31 it is $5.99 in the end of season Entertainment Book sale at this link. They’re saying this is the last chance to buy the 2013 book, although most coupons are valid until November 1, 2013.

The Albuquerque/Santa Fe book offers over $56,000 in local savings, with discount coupons, 2-for-1 deals, and freebies with purchase, etc. for entertainment, leisure, and dining, That includes 167 restaurant coupons, 61 attraction discounts, and 147 shopping coupons, plus other ways to save.

When I looked, restaurant locations in the book included Artichoke Cafe, Golden Pride Chicken & Ribs, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Mary and Tito’s Pasion Latin Fusion, Scalo Northern Italian Grill, and Landry’s Seafood. Leisure activities included Albuquerque Indoor Karting, ABQ Jump, Skidmore’s Holiday Bowl, Golfernoggins, Stone Age Climbing Gym. You can search by area at the links if you wish, to see some of the highlight offers near you.

The $5.99 Entertainment Book clearance offer is good on any city’s book for about 140 locations nationally if you’re planning a trip elsewhere this summer. Cities include Albuquerque, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orlando, Denver, New Orleans, New York, various cities in Texas, Utah, and Hawaii.

The $5.99 sale ends on Wednesday July 31 at 10 pm Mountain Time / midnight Eastern Time..

If you buy the book, just remember that it’s like having reusable shopping bags. It helps if you a) take the coupons with you b) use them. Otherwise they just grow dust in a closet, which is no saving at all!

–Tania FYI This post contains some affiliate links to plug you straight to those deals.


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