Daizy the Elephant Birthday Party

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ABQ BioPark Zoo celebrates Daizy’s birthday, and we’d better hope she’s not got a dose of the Terrible Twos when she goes hunting for her present!

I can’t quite believe it’s Daizy the elephant’s second birthday already, but it is, so here’s how to celebrate with her.

ABQ BioPark Zoo holds the Daizy the Elephant birthay party on Saturday August 27, 2011, and you can find out all about these rare Asian elephants too, and how they are being protected.  The event runs from 10 am to 2 pm, and activities are included with zoo admission.

My favorite part of the schedule is at noon, when Daizy goes hunting for her presents. If she’s anything like me when I’m rooting out my gifts, nothing will stand in her way.  But she’s probably more lady-like, which wouldn’t be hard. Either way, it should be fun to watch. There are also discovery stations and challenges for kids.

The day’s events include:

  • 10 am: Open House at the new elephant bull barn, home to Albert and Samson
  • 10:30 am: Questions and answers with the zookeeper
  • 11 am:  Demonstration of martial arts by humans, followed by martial art skills by the elephants Albert and Samson (mind boggles)
  • 12 noon: Daizy plays hide and go seek for her presents
  • 12:30 pm:  Yoga demonstration – presumably NOT including the elephants. I guess it’s the Asian theme.
  • 1:15 pm:  Singing happy birthay to Daizy when she’s given her cake
  • 1:30 pm:  More questions and answers with the zookeeper.

The Daizy birthday event and elephant conservation day  activities are included with ABQ BioPark Zoo regular admission: $7 for adults, $3 for seniors 65+, $3 for kids aged 3-12, ages 2 and under go free.

ABQ BioPark Zoo (formerly the Rio Grande Zoo) is located at 903 10th Street SW.



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