Daizy the Elephant Birthday Party

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Daizy the elephant

Photo: ABQ BioPark

ABQ BioPark Zoo celebrates Daizy the elephant’s birthday, and I can’t quite believe it’s her fourth birthday already. She’s growing up so fast she’ll be off to college soon. But indeed it is her birthday, so here’s how to celebrate with her…

ABQ BioPark Zoo holds the Daizy the Elephant birthday party on Saturday August 24, 2013, and you can find out all about these rare Asian elephants and how they are being protected.  The event runs from 10 am to 2 pm, and activities are included with zoo admission.

Expect Q&A with the elephant keeper, training demonstrations, and live music from The Anslovers. The elephants will also hunt for birthday treats and devour the fruit and hay birthday cakes. (It’s an entertaining sight.) Subway restaurants will provide the cakes for the elephants and also serve up cookies for the rest of us.

I went to Daizy the elephant’s birthday party last year and loved every minute of it. The memory of dancing elephants and Rozie (Daizy’s mom) playing Wild Thing on a guitar will stay with me always.

I doubt Rozie will be strumming the guitar this year as she is pregnant and probably can’t play the rock chick. That means Daizy the elephant is expecting a new sibling any time soon. Rozie is pregnant via artificial insemination from zoo-mate elephant Samson and blood tests suggest the new baby could be a girl.  No guarantees on the gender, but start thinking about girl elephant names in case the ABQ BioPark asks for suggestions! The calf is due any time between now and November, although zoo keepers have a hunch that the calf may come in mid-September.

Crikey, it’s more exciting than the baby watch for Princess Kate and Prince William, although the princess had a much shorter  gestation period. (Kate will be grateful for that!)

The Daizy the elephant birthday event and elephant conservation day activities on August 24 are included with ABQ BioPark Zoo regular admission:

  • New Mexico residents: $9 for adults, $4.50 for seniors 65+, $4 for kids aged 3-12, and ages 2 and under go free.  Take your New Mexico ID to get the locals’ admission rate.
  • Visitors who are not New Mexico residents: $12.50 for adults, $5.50 for seniors 65+, $4 for kids aged 3-12. Tots ages 2 and under still go free.
  • Military personnel (active and non-active) get $2 off adult admission and $1 off children’s admission, with your military ID.

ABQ BioPark Zoo (formerly the Rio Grande Zoo) is located at 903 10th Street SW.



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