Samurai Grill & Sushi Bar Bonus $20 on Gift Card

June 12, 2012 by  
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Like Japanese food? Get a gift card deal at Samurai Grill & Sushi Bar.

Thanks to reader Nancy for sending the word on this promotion!  While dining at Samurai Grill & Sushi Bar, Nancy spotted that the Japanese restaurant currently has an offer to buy a $50 gift card and get an extra $20 bonus added to it.  I’m counting on all my fingers, toes, and eyelashes to calculate that this is a freebie worth 40% of the gift card purchase price.

Samurai Japanese Grill & Sushi Bar is located at 9500 Montgomery Boulevard NE, near the Eubank intersection. I haven’t had time to check this out for myself at the restaurant, and I’ve no idea how long the offer will last, so sashay down there for the sushi and sashimi deal if you’re interested.

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