Save $20 on Pet Vaccination and Microchip Package

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Here at Cheap Central, we have first-hand experience with the value of pet microchips. Our late pooch, Trusty Rusty the Wonder Dog, ran off after we moved to a new house, and it was his microchip that enabled us to reunite that same day. Whew!

But regardless of your take on microchipping, you undoubtedly realize the necessity of pet vaccinations. Well, now you can get your pets’ shots cheap from Animal Humane New Mexico!

This Friday, July 10 (2009), from 9:00am – 3:00pm, you can get a complete vaccination package AND a microchip for your dog and/or cat for just $35! That’s about a $20 savings. It’s like getting the microchip free!

The low-cost shot clinic will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no charge for the office visit, and everyone is charged the same price for the shot package. Individual vaccinations, or just microchipping alone, also will be available.

These discounted shot clinics will be available twice a month in August, September, and October, too, but we don’t have dates yet.

So get Fido and Fluffy over to Animal Humane for their annual vaccinations — and save some kibble money!

Animal Humane New Mexico is located at 615 Virginia Ave SE, Albuquerque. More info: 255-5523.

–Elizabeth Hanes


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