Talk on Explorers Cabeza de Vaca and Coronado: May 6

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Free talk on Cabeza de Vaca and Coronado: 16th Century New World Explorers, on May 6, 2012.

Oh, we’re all about the history aren’t we, in New Mexico’s Centennial year? This free talk goes back even further than all the celebrations of our statehood. W-A-Y back to the early Spanish explorers. 

The free talk on Cabeza de Vaca and Coronado: 16th Century New World Explorers takes place at the Open Space Visitor Center this Sunday May 6 at 2 pm.

Local scholars Baker Morrow and Matt Schmader will discuss how these two Spanish explorers set their fooprint on the New World.  Baker Morrow has translated Cabeza de Vaca’s account of the Spanish conquest of the Americas. De Vaca’s description of his South American expeditions and five years as a province governor was published in 1555, and they didn’t have blogs in those days so publishing anything was quite a feat. (They didn’t even have Twitter to keep the folks back home informed that they’d just found a strange-looking landmass, and could anyone recommend a good restaurant?)

Francisco Vázquez de Coronado led the largest land exploration in the continental U.S. by colonial Spain, when the first Europeans made their way up the Rio Grande to the Albuquerque area, and also saw the Grand Canyon for the first time. (I expect they said: It’s smaller than it looks in the photos.)

No doubt Sunday’s talk will be much more informative than anything I’m telling you about it. I jolly well hope so. I can’t find a link for the event at the Open Space Visitor Center website, but this is the info the organizers sent us:

Talk on Cabeza de Vaca and Coronado: 16th Century New World Explorers

  • When: Sunday May 6, 2012
  • Time: 2 pm
  • Where: Open Space Visitor Center
  • Price: Free

Albuquerque Open Space Visitor Center is located at 6500 Coors Boulevard NW. (East of Coors at the end of Bosque Meadows Road, between Montano Boulevard and Paseo del Norte.)



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