Albuquerque Blue Tree Project

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The Blue Tree Project Albuquerque If you see some blue trees around Albuquerque this weekend, you haven’t gone crazy! It’s part of an art installation and you can see the Blue Tree Project for free.

Australian artist Konstantin Dimopoulos is the creator behind The Blue Tree Project – an international art event that’s traveling around to celebrate trees and their important role in our lives. As Dimopoulos says: “The Blue Trees takes an urban landscape with which you are familiar and changes it for a brief period of time so that it becomes something unfamiliar, even uncomfortable. We are creatures who like certainty and we become disconcerted when our environment changes. Yet we have altered and destroyed much of the global environment.”

Environmental change certainly worries me, but I have to say that these trees with their blue trunks are gorgeously striking.

Albuquerque is apparently only the seventh city in the United States to host The Blue Tree Project. If you want to see the installations, the ‘painting’ of the trees takes place:

Tree New Mexico and Albuquerque’s Public Art Program collaborated to bring the installation to Albuquerque. A press release confirms that it’s not actually paint on the trees, but a mineral pigment in a water base that is safe for plants, animals, insects, humans and waterways.

–Tania. Photo Credit from a previous Blue Tree Project installation: Konstantin Dimopoulos (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


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