Affordable Care Act: Free Albuquerque Info Sessions

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If you’re one of the people seeking information on the new Affordable Care Act, your choices and how the new health care act will affect you, free help is at hand!

Yes, we’ve all heard the news stories about the Affordable Care Act – or Obama Care as it’s known. For those individuals affected by the health care laws and feeling confused about their options, Albuquerque and Bernalillo County Library offers a series of free information sessions.

The ABC Library Affordable Care Act information sessions are given in partnership with New Mexico Health Connections. (Scroll down the page at the link to see them all.) Admission is free but seating is limited, so these sessions are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Upcoming one-hour sessions on the Affordable Care Act include:

  • Friday November 8 at 2 pm: Cherry Hills Library, 6901 Barstow NE
  • Saturday November 9 at 10 am: South Valley Library, 3904 Isleta SW
  • Tuesday November 12 at 1 pm: Erna Fergusson Library, 3700 San Mateo NE
  • Thursday November 14 at 5 pm: Special Collections Library, 423 Central NE
  • Saturday November 16 at 1 pm: East Mountain Library, 1 Old Tijeras Rd., Tijeras

Others sessions are offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of NM at the Main Library on Copper, on various dates. More sessions may also be added at the link.

I am one of the self-employed people trying to figure out whether to stay with my existing “grandfathered”  health care plan, which costs a lot for very few benefits… unless I fall out of a plane or something equally drastic. Or whether it would be better to switch from that ‘catastrophic health insurance’ plan to a different plan in the Health Insurance Marketplace at

So far I’ve managed to get myself signed up for the site… but I can’t actually log in to see the plans available. Sigh.  However, two of my friends who could not afford any health insurance at all before HAVE successfully navigated the site, and they are delighted with the good value plans they found.

Well, they promise the website technical hitches will be solved by the end of November.  Fingers crossed!

If you’re in the same or similar boat as me and uncertain about your Affordable Care Act options, I hope the free info sessions by ABC Library will be helpful.  If you go, let us know how useful it was in the comments box below!



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