Free Sandia Dinosaurs of New Mexico

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The Sandia Mountain Natural History Center is usually closed to the public, but on February 5 you can explore, hike, enjoy the scenery, try the solar telescope, and find out about dinosaurs of New Mexico.

The Sandia Mountain Natural History Center in Cedar Crest is open to all this Sunday February 5, 2012, from 9 am to 4 pm, and admission is free. 

Usually the 128 acre piñon-juniper forest with over 5 miles of walking trails is only open to school groups, but this Sunday anybody can turn up to hike, spot wildlife from the observation deck and bird blind, do geocaching, or even have a picnic if it’s warm enough.

At 10 am, there’s a presentation on Dinosaurs of New Mexico, and during the open day a solar telescope will be available to view the sun.

Sandia Mountain Natural History Center open day:

  • When: Sunday February 5, 2012
  • Time: 9 am – 4 pm. No registration required to visit.
  • Where: Sandia Mountain Natural History Center, Cedar Crest
  • Price: Admission is free!

Sandia Mountain Natural History Center is located at 60 Columbine Lane, Cedar Crest. Take exit 175 from
I-40 East, along NM 14 / The Turquoise Trail. Get directions to the Sandia Mountain Natural History Center.




2 Responses to “Free Sandia Dinosaurs of New Mexico”
  1. Tania says:

    Thanks Laudra. SMNHC estimates about 10 mins from there, but thinking about it you’re right. It’s probably 10 mins to get to the exit 175 turnoff on NM 14/Turquoise Trail. And so much will depend on conditions. I’ve changed the post.

  2. Landra White says:

    Cedar Crest is not 10 minutes from I-40 and Tramway. It is clear around the mountain, through the canyon and up old north highway 10 (whatever they renamed it).