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They’re clever people over at the Albuquerque BioPark, thinking up these three Valentine tours for adults only. Let the love fest begin with Love Bugs, Birds and the Beasts, and That’s A Moray tours for ages 18+ only.

All tours take place on Saturday, February 9, 2013, at various times. Tickets are $5 on top of the regular BioPark admission. Remember to take your New Mexico ID, as NM residents get a discount. You’ll pay $9 for regular admission or $15 for a combo ticket if you want to attend tours at more than one BioPark venue. Non-residents pay $12.50, or $20 for a combo ticket.

The ABQ BioPark Valentine tours are only for ages 18+ and reservations are required either online at the link or call (505) 848-7180.  They’re open to couples (of course) but also to singles, if you are interested in the love affairs of critters. Or maybe you’ll find a love affair of your own while you’re there, with another single on the tour…

  • That’s A Moray at the Aquarium at 10 am:  Clever pun, although I had to read it several times before I got the joke… try saying it out loud! The Aquarium’s Curator of Fishes shows what you’re missing underwater, with fish singing love songs, transgendered critters, and how male seahorses become pregnant. (I bet they make more fuss about it than females of any species do.)
  • Love Bugs at the Botanic Garden at noon: Entomologist Dr. Ralph Charlton takes you behind the scenes to explain how insects and arachnids reproduce, and the dramatic love life of all kinds of crawlies I’d frankly rather avoid. But then love is strange, isn’t it?
  • Birds and the Beasts at the Zoo at 2 pm: a tour with a zoo expert to explore the romantic life and exotic mating habits of condors, cranes, lions and frogs. (Note to singles: If a frog asks you to kiss it, promising to turn into a gorgeous  prince or princess, don’t pucker up. The fact that you’ve found a talking frog is miracle enough. )

The price to join the Valentine tours this year is a bit higher than last year. But hey, Valentine’s Day comes only once a year. Thank heavens.



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