ChamberChops Free Concert

ChamberCHOPS is the Chamber Music Cooperative of the Southwest and there’s a free concert on the schedule this weekend!

I love listening to chamber music whether recorded or – even better – in a live performance. So I’m especially atuned to any opportunity to hear it for free. (Yes, that would be a pun. Atuned. Look, I never promised you *good* puns. Just good deals.)

So I was pleased to hear about the ChamberCHOPS free concert coming up on Sunday April 29, 2012, at 2 pm. The program includes Dvorak’s popular String Quartet No. 12,  known as the American String Quartet as it was written during his visit to the U.S., plus brass quintet works including Scheiddt, Rodrigo, and Ellington, and Gordon Jacob’s Old Wine in New Bottles. A nice variety there!

Admission is free, although they’ll gladly take donations. Catch the concert at the Central United Methodist Church, 201 University Boulevard NE, a block north of Central Avenue.



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