Free Movie The Texas Rangers: March 21

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The Texas Rangers is the next in a series of free movies at the KiMo Theatre, as part of the New Mexico Centennial Film Series.

The KiMo Theatre’s new monthly film series puts the spotlight on movies featuring New Mexico, as is only fitting in the New Mexico centennial year. We are such a star-struck, star-spangled state, in every sense of the words.

The Texas Rangers is the free movie at the KiMo on Wednesday March 21 at 7 pm.  King Vidor directed the 1936 feature about a couple of former outlaws who start working for the Texas Rangers and have the job of hauling in an old buddy.

I’ll shoot straight and tell you that I’ve never seen this film and don’t know the first thing about it, except for what I just read at IMDb or the Internet Movie Database, which is the go-to source for things you always wanted to know about movies but didn’t.

Here’s the IMDb info about The Texas Rangers, and the only person I’ve heard of in the cast  is lovely Fred MacMurray, who also appeared in Double Indemnity.  The movie was filmed on locations in New Mexico near Diablo Canyon.

The KiMo Theatre is located at 423 Central Avenue NW.



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