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For $15 get 2 movie tickets worth up to $26, in a limited time deal. UPDATE: This deal posted on January 30 has now sold out.

The offer gives you one Hollywood Movie Money certificate valid for two admissions, to redeem at participating Albuquerque (and national) movie theaters, including Century 14 Downtown, and it’s valid for 3D movies too.  You can buy up to 5 pairs of tickets for yourself, and 5 to give as gifts.

This is a national deal at Tippr, available until Thursday January 31. It looks like the offer runs until 10 pm Mountain Time (midnight Eastern). You’re basically buying a promo code that can be redeemed for two movie tickets up to a total value of $26, including 3-D and IMAX movies, and including opening day, for the participating cinemas.

See View All Terms at the deal page for a list of participating cinemas, searchable by zip code. As far as I can see in a quick search in the Albuquerque area, those include:

  • Century 14 Downtown Albuquerque
  • Century Rio 24 and XD
  • Cinemark Movies 8
  • Cinemark Movies West
  • Premiere Cinema 14 Rio Rancho

Check all the $15 for two movie tickets deal fine print to make sure it’s a good choice for you, and instructions for how to redeem the certificate, available immediately after purchase. The Hollywood Movie Money code you receive must be activated online by February 28, and the certificate redeemed within one month from online code activation.

Obviously the bargain value of this deal will depend on which movie theater you frequent and other factors that influence the regular admission price. If you already get a senior discount or whatever, or if you want to go to a lower-priced matinee, the regular admission could well be cheaper already than $7.50 per person.

But I hope this helps someone save a little on movie tickets… to spend on popcorn instead!

–Tania FYI – I’ve given you my Tippr affiliate links to plug you direct to the offer.


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