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The new Vistas Latinas exhibit opens at the South Broadway Cultural Center with a free reception on September 1, 2011.

The art exhibit called Quinto Sol / Sexto Sol, Dissolution and Creation, is based on the Mayan Prophecies for 2012, and it runs through October 11.

I’m especially excited about this event as my friend Elaine Soto is one of the curators and participating artists. I’m told there will also be snacks. ūüėČ

The free opening reception for Vistas Latinas is on Thursday, September 1 starting at 6 pm, featuring poetry readings and performance in addition to the art.

Artists participating in the exhibit include Reducinda Avila, Justine Ortiz, Sylvia Ortiz Domney, Miriam Hernandez, and Riti Sachdeva.¬† They’re exploring concepts of justice and equality and interpreting the meaning of the year 2012 from a perspective of “the reunion of our planet to nature” as we enter the Sixth Sun, the sun of justice.¬† Sounds like quite a lot to bite off on a Thursday night, but I seriously look forward to seeing the art here, and perhaps a more optimistic approach to the future after all the doom and gloom Mayan prophecy stuff.

At 6.30 pm expect¬†a performance by Justine Ortiz, followed by poetry readings at 7 pm by Sue Blazier, Eva Crespin, Greta Pullen, Monica Salazar, Elaine Soto, Valerie Storey, and Katie Trujillo.¬† It’s all free, and we’ve mentioned the snacks already…

If you miss the opening, the Vistas Latinas exhibition is still up until October 11, 2011, and there’s no charge to drop by and see it. Note however that the South Broadway Cultural Center is closed on Sundays.¬†
I have been caught out like that¬†several¬†times when I’ve popped by to see¬†an art exhibit, and my daft¬†brain does not compute “closed on Sunday”. ¬†

South Broadway Cultural Center is located at 1025 Broadway SE.



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