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Oh, yes. We get fan mail. People love livin’ large on the cheap, and we’re glad they take the opportunity to tell us!

  • “I love ABQONTHECHEAP! Best site to have ever been on the net. I love the deals I find on here all the time! My favorite deal so far has been the half off of a cliffs ticket! LOVE YA TANIA!!!” — Tracy
  • “I always check out your website every Friday faithfully. I’ve been able to take advantage of great opportunities for family fun “on the cheap!”” — Matt
  • “Thanks for your work on this great website!” — Sean
  • “I love ABQ on the cheap – I read it every day! Thank you for all the time and effort you put into finding us the best free and cheap stuff to do around here.” — Shaila
  • “I love how Albuquerque on the cheap not only gives you great discounts to some well known places ..but even lets you know about a few new places you will want to visit.” — Teressa
  • “ is the best! Thanks for the heads up on all the deals!!! I tell ppl about this site ALL THE TIME!” — Vanessa
  • “You guys are great! I have used many of your deals. Thank you!!” — Rose
  • “Moving to Albuquerque in the next month, and am excited about all of the great deals found on ABQ On The Cheap!” — Sarah
  • Thanks for writing this blog. I have saved money and learned about great family activities and deals from reading it. Keep up the great work!– Lisa
  • “I love ABQ on the cheap!! It’s a great wbsite for fun fun family ideas and outings!! Keep up the good work!!” — Chris
  • “ABQ On The Cheap is the most AWESOME site!! I have been able to take advantage of many food offers that have been posted…Lunch and dinner have been provided during a financially tough time!! Thank you ABQ On The Cheap-You’re a Live Saver :-)” — Deborah
  • @deandra_marie @ABQCheap we appreciate the research you did… It’s really helped me out a lot. Turned a $150 supply list into just $60!
  • @DavisNordell @ABQCheap wifey loved the link! Thanks for the latest tweet on the food freebies just bout $65 of coupons for $6! Amazing
  • @vintagelucero A big thank you for all the work you do to help us save $$$. Much appreciated!!!
  • “Wow! I’m thinking about food & coupons miraculously arrive.” Facebook Fan Mike.
  • “Thanks for creating an enjoyable site that connects the Albuquerque community.” —Kris
  • “Just wanted to drop a line and let you know you’ve saved me a ton of money locally in just a few short months! This weekend, I’ll be taking in an Isotopes game using the Powerade trick (78¢ per bottle at Wal-Mart). On Sunday, I’m taking my daughter and girlfriend to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for half price!” — our buddy Dan
  • “I’m so thankful to have found ABQ Cheap. Thanks for all your hard work bringing us deals!” — Facebook fan Kelley
  • “Thank you for taking the time to let us know about the best deals in town..LOVE IT!!!!!” — Kathy
  • “I LOVE YOU GUYS!” — Barb
  • “ABQ on the Cheap is one of the few sites I visit daily.” — Ashley
  • @Stranahan Just saw you featured in Albuquerque magazine – congrats!
  • @Bagon:  thanks for the great tickets at Pope Joy Hall
  • @AbqTupperware Went to the free thing @ the balloon museum. It was awesome! Wouldn’t have known about it if it wasn’t for you!
  • @AbqDunn just saw you on @krqe fox news at 9! You are getting a lot of news coverage! Congrats
  • @MattGassner The media <3 @abqcheap :)
  • @jesmc@ABQCheap Oh you’re on @KOAT right now :)
  • @jrnygirl You DEFINITELY are the best hands down. You do a great job and i really like the email updates on events around town.

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